Libman Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Libman Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Libman extends to a new category.

In 2014, the Libman Company established a powerful new visual brand language at retail with its Freedom Floor Cleaner product. Libman’s goal was to transfer the success of that award-winning package to a new category: bathroom cleaners.

The company’s strategy was to disrupt the category with a 32 oz package—33% bigger than the typical 24 oz cleaner package. The extra weight, however, would challenge consumers who are required to invert the package, typically in one hand, during use. The Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven went through multiple iterations to arrive at a custom HDPE bottle that would balance well in the user’s hand, be easy to squeeze, and also align with the filler’s conveyance and fill equipment.

The graceful final package design, fitted with a child-resistant polypropylene twist cap, has extended the brand identity of The Libman Company to a new part of the cleaner aisle, while also making successful inroads against competitors.