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Our Corporate Parent

Berlin Packaging is the nation's only Hybrid Packaging Supplier®.

Studio One Eleven is the design and innovation division of Berlin Packaging.

Benefit from our unique business model.

We are the only Hybrid Packaging Supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers, closures, and dispensing systems. We supply billions of packaging components annually to customers of all sizes in all industries. We bring together the best elements of manufacturing, distribution, and income-generating service providers.

While other companies aim to satisfy their customers, we want to thrill ours!

— Andrew T. Berlin, Chairman & CEO

Experience our strength.

With over 33,000 available SKUs, unlimited manufacturing platforms, over 120 packaging consultants, more than 90 North American locations, and superior logistics skills, Berlin Packaging has the right products, expertise, and geographic proximity to help customers increase sales, lower costs, and improve productivity.


Enjoy our operational excellence.

We are maniacal about execution. We are the only company in our sector to be ISO 9001 certified and to achieve 99% on-time delivery of our shipments every month for over ten years. We quantify the incremental profit our customers earn as a consequence of working with us. Our Anything is Possible® culture yields industry-leading customer thrill scores.

Berlin Packaging exists to help people and companies become Greater, Faster. We are dedicated to those who want to achieve more, disrupt the status quo, control one’s destiny, and beat the competition. Packaging is the currency we use.


Utilize our special services. 

The Studio is one of several special divisions at Berlin Packaging. In addition, we offer:

  • Berlin Global Packaging Group, an international team handling supplier selection, order and quality management, and logistics for packaging around the world

  • E3, a consulting division that helps customers unlock profit by Enhancing Earnings and Efficiency

  • Berlin Financial Services, which provides 0% financing for capital equipment

  • Berlin Quality, a team dedicated to making quality a competitive advantage for our customers

  • Dangerous Goods, offering UN-certified packaging for shipping hazardous materials

  • Qorpak, a supplier of laboratory packaging and supplies

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