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Structural Package and Closure Design

We design custom bottles, tubes, boxes, tins, tubs, and more.

We create, revitalize, and enhance packaging in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. 

Armed with a clear understanding of brand attributes and project goals, our team works to develop a series of manufacturable, brand-appropriate packaging concepts. 

We focus on improving the user experience, enhancing functionality, and maximizing manufacturing efficiencies. Studio One Eleven is in a unique position to evaluate packaging solutions not only in terms of their aesthetic appeal, but also in terms of their functionality, manufacturability, and impact on our clients’ supply chains. 

With low-cost, in-house prototyping options, we are equipped to check form, function, and fit early in the design process to optimize our solutions to the fullest. 

Our cross-functional team of industrial designers and engineers are ready to assist with: 

  • Bottle and closure design 
  • Dispensing and dosing systems 
  • Ergonomics and form factors 
  • 3-D Modeling 
  • Rapid prototyping