Honest Company Laundry Detergent

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Honest Company Laundry Detergent


Wowing millennials with award-winning design.

From the initial ideation sessions to the final testing, Studio One Eleven and the Honest Company worked together to create a premium package where form followed function. Liking the basic structure of an existing Califia Farms’ Almond Milk bottle, The Honest Company wanted a packaging solution for their new baby fabric softener. When the leaking challenges arose with their existing 70 oz. detergent bottle, the project focus shifted to a redesign of the entire fabric care line for the burgeoning e-commerce environment. After multiple collaborative sessions and revisions, a custom shape and closure was determined for the whole family

The new package has a robust custom-designed dosing cap closure that can survive impacts and drops. The inventive structure employs a thick liner to minimize the assembly gap while ensuring a robust seal, unscrewing threads for secured assembly, and ribs to create sealing surface to meet design intent. The closure sits flush on the bottle for a seamless marriage of the two components. It can be easily removed, yet still assembles back on after multiple usages to maintain a sturdy seal. A secondary challenge was detergent glugging from the old stock spout. The new custom spout has a longer cut out that increases airflow to negate this and to provide controlled pouring.

Beyond the dispensing and closure mechanisms, the new bottles have a softer and rounder shoulder to improve top load. In addition, the robust and comfortable handle helps for easy one-handed gripping and pouring.  

The Honest Company Laundry Line was the recipient of the prestigious Best in Class Award for the Rebrand-Non Food Category in The 2018 PAC Global Leadership Awards and a winner of Graphic Design USA’s 2018 American Package Design Award.