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Rejuvenate Cleaning Products

For Life Products completely redesigned a full family of its Rejuvenate products for cleaning and restoring household surfaces. The catalyst for the package refresh was a category buyer at Home Depot, who had suggested that the line's shelf impression (and, by extension, sales velocity) could be improved by eliminating the hodgepodge of stock bottles and by revamping the labels to aid consumers in product selection.

In response, For Life partnered with Berlin Packaging, its Studio One Eleven design division, and its E3 Consulting service to overhaul the Rejuvenate brand strategy. The Studio team worked along side For Life's creative team to:

  • Develop a custom bottle design aesthetic scaled to 16 to 32 oz sizes featuring a flat front to maximize the primary display panel space, an off-center neck for an even pour and efficient packout, swappable neck finishes to accommodate flip-top closures and trigger sprayers, and an embossed emblem at the lower left corner reinforcing the products' speedy results.
  • Create a new color and iconography-based communication system that explains the benefits of using individual Rejuvenate SKUs as part of the overall Rejuvenate system, promoting the purchase of multiple SKUs and engendering loyalty via an improvement in product performance.
  • Establish a new brand and color scheme with silver bottles and purple closures.
  • Design a wraparound/peel-off label that facilitates color-coding by product application (floor, cabinet, furniture, countertop, etc.), ‘before and after’ images showing product benefits, provisions for both English and Spanish instructions, and QR codes that allow consumers to access informational videos designed to educate and inform on Rejuvenate's benefits.  
  • Solve both bottle and label manufacturing challenges, including producing a shiny silver bottle in HDPE.
  • Assist the label applicator in the customization of their equipment to apply the 3-sided wraparound label to the uniquely contoured bottle.

Within weeks after the new packages hit store shelves at Home Depot, sales began climbing and new distribution opportunities opened up both in the US and abroad.