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Weiman Hardwood Products

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Weiman Hardwood Products

Friendly form and fresh graphics.

Weiman Products is a family owned business that specializes in household cleaning products. In business since 1941, Weiman's surface cleaning products and polishes are sold through Walmart, Target, and many other nationwide supermarkets, hardware stores, and home improvement centers. In developing a line of all-natural, plant-derived cleaning solutions that contains no harsh petrochemicals, ammonia, VOC's or phosphates, Weiman wanted a way to clearly communicate the 'healthy home' benefits without diminishing their core message of effective cleaning.

Studio One Eleven developed a matrix of custom structures and benefit-driven branding architectures. While options spanned a broad range of materials and forms, they all shared characteristics such as soft, friendly forms and imagery that promotes the idea of the home as a nest.

The structure and color-coded branding architecture make the new line easy to shop while differentiating the product from a crowded competitive field.