Honest Company Dish Soap

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Honest Company Dish Soap

Clear and simple. 

This package refresh for Honest Company had several requirements for success: it must bring the dish soap product in line with the company’s overall design aesthetic, it must be a clear package, it must allow for easy squeezability, and it must accommodate an increase in size from 16 oz to 26.5 oz.

The new custom bottle accomplished all of these things by converting from a standard-shaped, translucent HDPE bottle to an elongated PET bottle. The painstakingly-designed unique oval shoulder is the perfect geometry to spread out force when squeezed; this not only improves the ease of grip, but also promotes effortless squeezability while maintaining the integrity of the package. There is no buckling, crinkling or compromise in shape, despite being made out of PET material. The clarity of the bottle material – and the ability to see the product – is in line with Honest’s themes of naturalness and purity. 

A total of three SKUs were redesigned for Honest Company’s botanical-sounding dish soap varieties: White Grapefruit, Lavender, and Lemon Verbena. The new design and the move to a higher-capacity bottle has allowed Honest’s dish soap to add value and increase competitiveness in its market segment.