Morton Salt Grinder

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Morton Grinder

Morton moves to the dining table.

In a first for grocery-store salt and pepper grinders, Morton’s new custom grinder packages are designed to look great on the store shelf, then seamlessly transition to the table to assume the role of upscale kitchenware.

The Morton® Grinder’s full-body shrink sleeve is perforated for so that consumers can completely remove it in one step, leaving a clear glass bottle with a custom white or black snap-on cap embossed with the Morton name and logo.

The Studio-developed non-removable grinder is kept in place by interlocking ratchet-like lugs built into both the grinder and bottle, thwarting refill attempts and encouraging consumers to restock when the bottles are empty.  

The bottle itself features an elongated hourglass shape that provides a sleek look as well as ergonomic handling thanks to the narrow waist. The full-body shrink runs from the base to the top of the closure, eliminating the need for a separate tamper-evident band, and is perforated at the neck for easy removal.