Better Body Foods

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Better Body Foods


“We have worked with Studio One Eleven for the past 4 or 5 years,” says Stephen Richards, CEO of Better Body Foods, “No other firm we have worked with is as responsive, timely or delivers the same quality and thoughtfulness behind their creative work. Their expertise in packaging is unsurpassed.”

To understand why the CEO of Better Body Foods, a Utah-based marketer of certified-organic mayos, oils and sweeteners would make such a bold statement it’s helpful to have some history. 

Before engaging with Berlin Packaging Better Body Foods was on the cusp of explosive growth, but quality issues with their current containers threatened to slow them down. ‘Paneling’ bottles led a major retailer to pull Better Body Foods from their shelves, and it was time for immediate action.

Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven quickly addressed the most pressing issue by designing a family of custom bottles engineered to maintain their shape across the broad range of temperatures and altitudes they were being exposed to.

With packaging performance issues solved, the Studio’s branding practice group initiated a complete overhaul of BBF’s branding architecture. Initially rolled out to 16 oil and mayonnaise SKUs the Studio’s bold, crisp and clean visual brand language is now being extended throughout the entire brand.

The result? The sales impact of the re-brand encouraged the major retailer that had previously pulled BBF from their store shelves to not only bring BBF back but to triple their order commitments.