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Morton Salt Shaker

Great design is the salt of the earth.

With more than a decade-long relationship, Morton Salt and Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven recently unveiled the first major packaging update in years! The new packaging for the Coarse Kosher, Coarse Sea Salt and Fine Sea Salt SKUs gives Morton a fresh, premium new look that attracts consumers and continues to fuel the growth of specialty salts among home cooks.

Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven was tasked with revamping the iconic blue fiber-wound package that's been a ubiquitous fixture in almost every American household for more than 70 years and we were up for the challenge! The new package needed to be cost-competitive with a legacy container that had been value-engineered for decades, slip seamlessly into Morton's filling lines and, most importantly, enhance the brand equity Morton has been tirelessly building for more than 170 years.

Working hand in hand with the Morton product team, the Studio ultimately delivered a modern package that included refreshed graphics for a bold, premium look that stays true to the Morton iconic brand colors. The idea was to stand out on grocery store shelves to break the routine of consumers shopping on auto-pilot and make them more conscious of the salts they were buying.

The redesign was also more than just looks—it’s also all about functionality. The ergonomic shape easily fits into one hand and its lid pops open with the flick of a finger. There’s also a see-through window so home cooks can easily tell what type of salt is inside and how much is left in the bottle.

Studio One Eleven was also challenged with making the package more sustainable for today’s eco-conscious consumer. Except for the removable shrink-wrap label, the bottle is 100 percent recyclable and made of BPA-free material—a step in the right direction to position Morton as an environmentally-friendly and waste-free brand.

In describing the experience of working with Berlin Packaging, Morton Salt's Brian Bissell, Director of Consumer Products, said, "Studio One Eleven was able to successfully take our concept from design through manufacturing while leveraging strategic partnerships. The new sleek and modern packaging update delivers on the functional needs of home chefs including the ergonomic shape, flip top lid and see through window to easily see the grain size and know when you’re running low”.

In April 2019, only a month after its launch, the new Morton bottle design was awarded the prestigious Gold Innovation Award by the National Association of Container Distributors, building on the years of success Morton and Studio One Eleven have had.