Turtle Wax Trigger Sprayer

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Turtle Wax Quick & Easy

Turtle Wax spray products look better than ever.

Sometimes even the best-known brands find themselves in need of a packaging restage. Until recently, that was the case with Turtle Wax, the 70-year-old automotive appearance products manufacturer with distribution in 90 countries. Different SKUs – even those within a single product category – utilized different package structures, varying shades of the company's signature green, and disparate label shapes and branding architectures adopted over time as new product lines were introduced. There was a family resemblance but no unifying visual language that tied the entire line together.

As a first step in a broad rebranding initiative, Turtle Wax managers solicited design proposals for the 16, 23 and 26 oz PET trigger bottles used to package 10 SKUs across the Jet Black, Quick & Easy, and Performance Plus lines. The goal was to bring an element of consistency to the brand portfolio, to rationalize merchandising across categories, and to enhance brand recognition.

After evaluating proposals from multiple suppliers, Turtle Wax selected a concept by Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven design division that was quickly nicknamed the "vortex bottle" because of its unique neck and base detailing featuring whirlpool-like grooving. The dynamic line work added a sense of movement and instantly differentiated the package on the shelf.  

The project yielded important material reduction advantages. Specifically:

  • All three bottles incorporate 30% post-consumer PET plastic, exceeding California's 25% PCR requirements for bottles in this size range while also saving more than 116,000 pounds of virgin resin annually.
  • New, lighter-weight preforms dramatically reduced resin use, yielding a 21% reduction for the 16 oz bottle (from 43 to 34 grams) and a 19% reduction for the 26 oz size (from 53 to 43 grams) for a total annual savings of 62,000 pounds of plastic.

The launch was so successful that 12, 20 and 64 oz molds bearing the same design are being developed for additional SKUs.