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Package More Profit®

Our customers make more money as a result of working with us.

We make it a point to quantify how our design solutions perform in the marketplace and the value we bring to our customers.

For us, the true measure of our success isn’t jaw dropping presentations or design awards; we define our success by the performance of your products in the marketplace. Revenue growth, profit margins, cost savings, and inventory turns – that’s the language we speak.

Engage with a Hybrid Packaging Supplier®.

We know that the design and innovation process can be complex to navigate. Luckily for you, we design and supply hundreds of products every year. Our turn-key business model and ISO-certified design process helps usher new packages from sketch to store quickly and efficiently. We have the experience, resources, and design skills that you need to get your products to market.

Berlin Packaging is not a distributor. We’re not a manufacturer. And we’re not a design agency. We’re a best-of-breed blend of these businesses.

Beyond the packaging and brand design, we continue to manage the development from order management and inventory planning to warehousing and logistics. 

Berlin Packaging Packaging Distributors Packaging Manufacturers Design Agencies
Product Options 30,000+ Less Less No
Locate and Create Innovations Yes No Sometimes Yes
Unlimited Manufacturing Platforms Yes Rarely No No
Small Quantities Yes Rarely No No
Large Quantities Yes Sometimes No No
Inventory Management Yes Sometimes Rarely No
Local Warehousing Yes Sometimes Rarely No
99% On-time Delivery Yes No No No
ISO Certified Yes No Sometimes No
Quality Advocate for Customers Yes No No No
Packaging "Consultant" Yes No No No
Competitive Prices Yes Sometimes Yes Sometimes
Customer Capex Financing Yes No No No
Marketing and Design Services Yes No Sometimes Yes
Quantify Value Created for Customers Yes No No No
Engender Customer Loyalty Yes Rarely Rarely Sometimes

Get full access to all of our expert consulting divisions – Studio One Eleven, E3 Consulting, Berlin Financial Services, and Berlin Quality at NO CHARGE in exchange for new packaging business.

When done right, package design can be a true profit driver.