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Sergeant's Skip-Flea Pet Shampoo

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Sergeant's Skip-Flea Pet Shampoo

Graceful new package for pet shampoo.

Responding to consumer and retailer demand for a unique, ownable brand presence, Sergeant's Pet Care revamped its pet shampoos with the introduction of exciting new packaging.

Studio One Eleven developed a container for its most premium line of shampoos that would be unique to the pet care category – one that would elevate the Skip-Flea brand above competitors by imparting 'human care' visual cues.

The result is a dramatic package that is defined by large, sweeping ribbons and curves that frame the client's branding with a graceful silhouette. The organic nature of the form and the complexity of the custom neck finish required an exceptional degree of coordination across the supply chain – something Berlin Packaging handles routinely.