Maty’s Cough Syrup

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Maty’s Cough Syrup

Food first packaging for pharmaceutical brand.


Studio One Eleven’s new packaging design for Maty’s natural and organic remedies, featuring full-body labeling and food-centric graphics, continues to turn shoppers’ heads. Made with "whole-food ingredients"—the kind found in traditional home remedies—Maty’s custom bottle speaks to this homemade aesthetic.

The two Maty’s product lines, Organic Cough Syrup and All Natural Cough Syrup, both use a custom square bottle made from recycled plastic, a matte-finish shrink-sleeve label and a continuous-thread closure. However, the All Natural Cough Syrup bottle’s label is white, and its closure is plastic. In contrast, the Organic Cough Syrup package has a tan label, harkening to brown craft paper, and a custom aluminum closure inspired by Mason jar lids. The two packages present a striking pair.

The packaging is distinctly food, not pharmaceutical first. By illustrating the ingredients on the label, this conveys an all-natural and folk-like aesthetic. This look and feel really pops next to the reds, blues and oranges of the traditional medicine-aisle shelves.