Betco Touchless Dispensers

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Betco Touchless Dispensers

Transformative Packaging for the Healthcare Industry.


Healthcare-associated infection in hospitals is a real threat to patients and staff alike. Hand hygiene is a sound way to combat these infections, but studies show that healthcare providers clean their hands with less than half the regularity as they should.

To counter this, Studio One Eleven designed the Betco Compass: a motion-activated hand soap dispenser. Betco’s new dispenser makes hand hygiene quick, simple and effective to combat infection. Each device is complete with an LCD screen which displays the Center for Disease Control’s recommended 6-step instruction process for washing hands.

What differentiates this dispenser from others in the market? The PET inner bottle, originating from a stock preform, connects to the pump by a custom double-ended, keyed closure system. The bottle, which collapses inward as the pump pulls a vacuum, was designed to act as a paper grocery bag and fold neatly inside itself, but the “key” system is the major distinguishing factor.

Since the launch, Betco is garnering incredibly positive feedback – so much so that they are ensuring that supply chain is keeping product readily available.