Magic Cleaning Products

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Magic Cleaning Products

Label design flushes away competition.

With $6.5 billon worth of specialty household cleaners sold in the U.S. every year, Weiman’s relaunch of the Magic brand had to be competitive to stand out. The package design for Magic brand toilet bowl cleaner owns the category visually with a 24 oz angled-neck oblong HDPE bottle, matching child-resistant dispensing closure, and shrink sleeve. The eye-catching red branding connotes energy and powerful cleaning efficacy.

This toilet bowl cleaner highlights Weiman’s strategy that focuses on high-impact brand design intended to help the Magic family of products simplify the shopping experience. The package shows consistency with font families, communication hierarchy, and imagery to contribute to an attractive portfolio of SKUs with a contemporary look. A “sparkle” graphic dots the Magic brand name. The red background helps center communication and gives equal focus to the brand, product descriptor, and imagery, providing maximum clarity for the consumer. 

Magic toilet bowl cleaners were new to shelves in fall of 2015 and are available at Bed Bath & Beyond stores.