Laundry In-Wash Scent Booster

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Laundry In-Wash Scent Booster


This private-label package passes the smell test.

Consumers love the scent of in-wash scent boosters. So much so, in fact, it’s causing problems at retail – a challenge Studio One Eleven solved with this clever package refresh.

Many shoppers open scent-booster packaging in the store to test the scent before they buy. The packages are left open, which can render them unsellable. To solve this category problem for Value Smart, a maker of private-label consumer products, the Berlin Packaging design team added two small pinholes to the cap of the PET package, allowing shoppers to test the fragrance before buying with a gentle squeeze.

Other improvements over the outgoing packaging include a single 53 mm cap, which replaced a larger diameter flip-top with overcap assembly. The smaller size gives a more controlled pour and the cap doubles as a dosage cup. By eliminating the flip-top – something used by the competing national brand – consumers gain convenience when pouring into high efficiency front-loading machines. The package features a full body shrink sleeve with vibrant graphics, a window pane product display, and instructions for consumers to gently squeeze to enjoy the scent. 

Together, the improvements have dramatically improved product performance at retail and in the home. Several new retail chains have taken on the product since the package refresh debuted.