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We Go Beyond

When other design firms stop, we are just getting started.

When it comes to package and brand design, common practice often lacks common sense. We're sensible.

When a Brand Owner hires a design agency...

The Brand Owner has to ask around to figure it out.

Where to buy it? Who can make it? How much will this cost? Is it even possible? With an illustration board in hand, the Brand Owner heads off to find out if, how, or where to manufacture, source, assemble, ship and store the components of the new package. While this is a customary path to take, it is riddled with pitfalls.

When a Brand Owner partners with us...

We tap our global network of qualified manufacturers.

We have the technical expertise, dynamic options, and buying relationships to find the right manufacturing partners. We have the expertise of a manufacturer with the flexibility to choose the assets perfect for the situation. We qualify and closely monitor all of our partners to ensure quality products are delivered on time.

Unfortunately, creatives may not think about (or understand) manufacturing.

If your design partner doesn't understand manufacturing, it's likely that their 'great idea' is not feasible. A new 'package' is a actually a system comprised of many working parts. Everything has to work together, from resin and product compatibility to closure and container fit. It's a bummer discovering that manufacturing the product shown in the cool sketch would violate the laws of physics.

We specialize in design for manufacturability.

When we develop custom packaging, we use client cost targets, a knowledge of packaging materials and processes, and the expertise of our in-house engineers to ensure that we’re providing viable design options. We follow principles of 'design for manufacturability' (DFM). We bring in manufacturing partners early and often. We integrate sourcing and procurement into the design process. This allows us to design packaging that will work.

Taking a sketch or concept directly to a manufacturer can be risky.

Manufacturers typically focus on filling machine capacity. This can lead to poor translation from sketch to CAD, as they modify the design to best suit their equipment. They may omit details or ignore design intent in the name of efficiency. While one change at one of the manufacturers may seem harmless, it could have a large impact on the packaging system as a whole. For example, a slight change to a neck finish could result in a poor fitting closure. The details are the deal breakers.

We ensure a swift transition from 'art' to 'part.'

We work through the technical details to optimize the solutions for manufacturing realities. Our designers, engineers, and supply partners work together to ensure that the new package is optimized for the specific material, process, and machine platform chosen. This guarantees a swift transition from art to part, paying special attention to preserving the design intent.

Inefficient supply chains directly impact profitability.

Supply chains are complex by nature. From quality issues to social accountability, an ad-hoc supply chain can be difficult to manage. Many suppliers fall short when managing the commercialization process. Ensuring quality, handling orders and inventory, and delivering on time can impact the success of a new packaging program.

We manage every aspect of the fulfillment process.

We are manufacturing and inventory experts that will design, source, manage, house, and deliver your packaging. We prevent stock-outs and mitigate quality issues. Berlin Packaging handles the entire packaging supply chain.

To avoid these pitfalls, some look to buy stock packaging.

While this is a simple approach, options are limited and your brand takes a back seat. Stock package shapes are engineered to best suit the manufacturer’s equipment and capabilities. They offer standard shapes with a look that is expected in the market segment. This provides no differentiation on shelf and fuels the "me-too" shelf set. This method ignores innovation and design, which, in-turn, ignores profits.

Leverage our buying power and business model to boost your profits.

We buy and sell billions of packaging components every year. We have the buying power to help you reduce your overall packaging costs. For anyone trying to manage innovation with limited resources, too-few hours in their day, or a lengthy to-do list for packaging procurement, partnering with Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven will save you time and money.