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The Bottom Line

We offer design services at no charge in exchange for your packaging business.

Increase awesomeness. Reduce design fees. 

What will a regular design agency do for you? They'll do as much (or little) as you'd like to pay them to.

Design firms are not created equally, but one thing many have in common is how they charge their clients. Most firms charge by the hour. Whether it's a menu of services or a customized proposal, there will be an invoice at the end. Here are some general market value numbers to give you an idea what to expect when hiring a design agency.

A La Carte Examples Cost
Including consumer trends, retail audits, competitive assessments, and user ethnographies
$10k per report and up
Brand Building
Including brand strategy, positioning, and identity development
$200 - $400 per hour
Package Design
Including structural package and closure design and packaging graphics
$200 - $400 per hour
Project Type Examples Time to Deliver Market Value
First phase, brand design options 4-6 weeks $15 - $25K
First phase, structural design options 6-8 weeks $30 - $40K
2nd phase, design refinement 6-8 weeks $20 - $30K
Label art production Varies by scope $5 - $XXX
New brand creation 4-6 months $150K +

Even better:
Studio One Eleven offers design services at NO CHARGE in exchange for new packaging business.

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We save qualified customers millions of dollars every year.

Studio One Eleven and Berlin Packaging offer bottom-line boosting, brand-relevant packaging solutions. 

We'll even send you a no-charge invoice so you can see what you would have paid had you not partnered with the Studio.