Redemption Rye

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Redemption Rye

A classic take on a premium whiskey. 


Redemption Rye used to be packaged in a cylindrical stock bottle that was more suggestive of vodka than a premium whiskey. That all changed with a recent packaging overhaul.

The collaborative effort between the client, who was involved with every itineration of the design process, and Studio One Eleven resulted in a bottle design that is now commensurate with the quality of the spirit.

The new bottle has a heft, a flask-like shape, a bar top closure, and embossing that all communicate the whiskey’s premium positioning and pay visual homage to pre-Prohibition spirits containers. The “REDEMPTION” brand is embossed near the bottle’s shoulders, and there is also a depiction of rye stalks embossed near the new thicker base, evocative of the featured ingredient.  In addition, the flasked backside carries the attention to detail to all aspects of the bottle.

The packaging refresh helps elevate the brand and transports the consumer to a different era – and real “Whiskey Revival”; something a stock bottle could never accomplish. Each bottle is even hand-numbered with a batch number to show the attention to detail put into making the final product.