Younique Rose Water Toning Spritz

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Younique Rose Water Toning Spritz

Packaging performance fit for a queen.

Noticing quality control issues with the original packaging for their Rose Water Toning Spritz, Younique cosmetics needed a new design to address these issues, while also better aligning the bottle’s appearance relative to the overall product line.

Studio One Eleven addressed the quality control issues, like leaks and spritzer performance, with diligent lab and field testing to ensure an optimal seal between elements of the bottle’s spritzer, cap, and body. In-depth testing also played a critical role in defining the bottle’s most innovative aesthetic feature, its inverted taper. The minimal footprint needed for the inverted shape, paired with lightweight nature of the bottle relative to its contents, necessitated a near-perfect balance to deliver the package’s eye-catching design.

Finally, the package’s regal purple and gold colors were adjusted to better align with the rest of Younique’s “Royalty” family of products.

The packaging redesign resulted in the Rose Water Toning Spritz flying off retail shelves and selling out completely within the first two weeks of its release.