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The Honest Company

10 oz. Bath and Body pump for shampoo + body wash and conditioner.

The Honest Company is dedicated to helping people live a happy and healthy life. Founded in 2012, the mission-driven company provides 100+ safe, effective, and delightful products across a wide range of consumer categories, including baby, personal care, home care, and vitamins & supplements, to a passionate community of consumers united by values and style.

Honest’s goal for the new shampoo + body wash and conditioner products were to be completely ergonomic and user-friendly, as they would be used within the setting of the home bath environment and around children. Both packages were designed to deliver the product fill into the hand extremely easily and efficiently -- as well as have a secure locking mechanism for safety -- in order to produce an ultimately positive consumer experience.

Studio One Eleven designed packaging for these products that completely delivers the intended positive user-friendly experience: they are easy to grab, easy to hold, easy to pump, and safe to use in environments where children are present and engaged in bathing. Visually, the packaging offers a pleasing aesthetic and delivers the sleek simplicity that is at the core of the brand; it’s uncluttered and clean, yet facilitates use of the product with great ease and efficiency.

The packaging for these two products was a complete custom design, including the HDPE bottle, the polypropylene top, and collar, pump actuator, spring and locking mechanism. The cylindrical bottle was designed to be easily grabbed and securely held. It’s topped with a square-shouldered pump actuator, the flat, round crown of which is embossed with the Honest logo butterfly, echoing the butterfly branding on the in-house-designed label.