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Nu Skin ageLOC Me

New meaning for the term combination skin.

Faces are like fingerprints: No two are the same. It took the vision of Nu Skin Enterprises, along with the help of Studio One Eleven and a team of innovative development partners, to acknowledge this simple fact — and in so doing, create a product that is destined to alter the way skincare products are marketed and used.

Nu Skin approached Studio One Eleven with a novel idea: a luxurious skincare system called ageLOC me, built around a collection of multiple day creams, night creams and custom serums specifically formulated by Nu Skin for the ageLOC me line.

Studio One Eleven designed PETG cartridges housed in a multilayer COEX bag filled under vacuum to preserve the product inside and ensure the best possible restitution rate. Each bottle has its own pump, actuated by motorized cams in the device based on time of day. The pump designated for the three various formulated serum bottles is activated in order to pipe product into a static mixer tray, which is then dispensed as a “super formula.”

Throughout the ageLOC me design process, Studio One Eleven served as the facilitator for the team of development partners designing the consumable packaging. Separately, the studio also developed a three-compartment travel container that will allow consumers to dispense and carry their customized formulas (day cream, night cream and serum) when away from home.

Designing, testing, coordinating and manufacturing this complex system, however, was just the beginning. Nu Skin’s products are sold via a global network of independent sales representatives. Once ageLOC me went into production, the sheer magnitude of SKUs, combined with Nu Skin’s worldwide consumer base, would require a supply, logistics and warehousing effort unlike anything else in the industry.

As remarkable as the ageLOC me effort has been, perhaps the most notable aspect has been the business relationship between Studio One Eleven and Nu Skin. Thanks to its entrepreneurial “aligned interest” philosophy, Studio One Eleven performed its services at absolutely no cost to Nu Skin, in exchange for Nu Skin’s long-term packaging business.