Maple Holistics

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Maple Holistics

Representing a new wave of personal care products companies – those that built their brand in e-commerce channels and then make the move to brick and mortar stores - Maple Holistics hair care saw tremendous success on Amazon, with four of the best-selling SKUs being rated 4.5+ stars with 4,000+ reviews. Wanting to enter the natural/luxury segment in beauty and other retail outlets, the company needed a packaging refresh. 

Maple Holistics’ existing packaging consisted of stock bottles in six different colors, stock closures, and inconsistent branding language. While the move from e-commerce to retail necessitated a design that would stand out on the shelf, the company wanted to retain their focus on simple, holistic formulas, their main point of product differentiation.

The Studio One Eleven team first focused on the package structure, designing a custom 10 oz PET bottle with a stock closure that allows for the bottle to be flipped upside down when it’s almost empty. Next, the branding team developed a new brand language that carries through each SKU, creating a discernible product family, while switching to a single bottle color to create greater uniformity. The design effectively conveys the simplicity and holistic nature of the products, while elevating the brand appeal to luxury consumers.

The resulting package and branding appeals across every shopping channel, winning Maple Holistics new customers both online and in stores.