Maple Holistics

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Maple Holistics

How do you stand out on the virtual shelf?

Maple Holistics’ line of oil-infused, hair-care products was already one of Amazon’s top sellers when they asked Studio One Eleven for a total packaging overhaul. They asked for a better bottle, a uniform aesthetic that would build brand awareness and affinity and of course, shelf presence.

But how do you stand out on a virtual shelf?

Start by thinking like an online shopper. Specifically, understand and address how and why online shoppers select oil-infused personal care products - They focus on ingredients.

With all of this in mind, our designers set out to not only exceed Maple Holistics’ requirements but to improve trial rates in the virtual storefront. We designed a custom bottle that is easy to grip in the shower, embossed with the client’s brand mark. Next, we created a sleek and elegant label design for that boldly highlights each SKU’s featured oil, ensuring that in a virtual line-up of other infused products, ours showcases what matters most to shoppers.

We also highlighted the Maple Holistics logo with foil stamping and prominent and consistent placement to help build brand equity. In response to our user research we proportioned the bottle and cap so the bottles could easily stand upside-down in the shower, allowing consumer to get every drop of product.

With these enhancements Maple Holistics continues to perform brilliantly online, but don’t be surprised if you start noticing them on brick and mortar shelves too.