Conair RUSK Sensories

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Conair RUSK Sensories

Haircare product line turns heads with slender, elegant new look.

Conair was ready for a makeover. The formulas for its RUSK® Sensories™ shampoo and conditioner line had been improved, but the packaging still carried a timeworn look. Existing packaging had a shape reminiscent of a soda bottle, with a low, pinched waist and flared base. Conair wanted something as fresh and invigorating as the new product inside.

Seeking a quick, noticeable difference from consumers, Conair asked Studio One Eleven for a new design. The Studio began its work with a store audit that indicated Sensories could own its natural botanical positioning at retail, plus add shelf presence, with a wider bottle that shifted from a round cross-section to an oval. To claim even more attention visually, designers suggested a tall, straight and tapered package that would occupy every vertical inch of shelf space. The Studio recommended retaining the translucent bottle material; doing so showcases the colorful product inside and creates an important differentiator on store shelves.

To further modernize the package, Studio One Eleven redesigned the label by first enlarging and offsetting the brand’s signature "Picasso" graphic. Designers then added white space, bannered each fragrance name in script, and created a typographic hierarchy for the secondary descriptors.

In a first for the line, the 1 L/33.8 ounce Back Bar SKU now carries a pump dispenser for quick, one-handed use. The smaller 13.5 ounce Consumer version retains the polypropylene toggle disc top used in the previous packaging.

Conair's new package for RUSK Sensories has given it the boost it needed. The refresh gives the consumer a new reason to buy – by improving the packaging, the perception of a better product within is also communicated. In important ways, the brand's tagline, "Reawaken Your Senses," has been given new life.