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J.R. Watkins Handsoap

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J.R. Watkins Hand Soap

Creating a natural, evolutionary look.

J.R. Watkins is America's original natural apothecary manufacturer, founded in 1868 and based in Winona, MN. The brand's visual language has changed little in 135+ years and is instantly recognizable to a loyal base of consumers.

Knowing how important to brand equity is for its brand, Watkins engaged Studio One Eleven to develop a next-generation foaming soap package that is a natural evolution of the line.

We employed familiar elements such as Watkins' recognizable apothecary neck and shoulder, and the company's 'Trial Mark' device hearkening back to the days when products were sold door to door.

Watkins was thrilled with the result, and consumers have rewarded them with incremental sales success.