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Paul Brown Hawaii Styling Products

Our intensive discussions with Studio One Eleven about our industry, target market, branding direction, and marketing strategy were a crucial part of the initial relationship. Studio One Eleven really took into account what our packaging needs were and where we wanted to be.
— Marketing Director of Paul Brown Hawaii

Bamboo-shaped bottles for a tropical twist.

Paul Brown Hawaii's Hapuna Keratin Retexurizer Stylist Caddy earned a Personal Care Prestige Award at the HBA International Package Design Awards. The judges based their decision on originality, design concept, creative use of new marketing materials, components and decorating processes, as well as technical competency and effective brand messaging.

More importantly, Studio One Eleven helped create traction for the new product line. The Studio's involvement started when Paul Brown Hawaii requested a package that exuded 'tropical luxury.' Within 24 hours of receiving the brief, Studio One Eleven submitted a solution and initiated a series of color tests. While its structural design group finalized the development of new bamboo-themed bottles, the Studio's visual branding team created a new Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna logotype and a brand communication system that spans cleansing, conditioning, and styling products. 

The client's marketing team was impressed. 'Rebranding an entire line is much more difficult and restrictive when an image has already been established. We had to be very careful that we did not alienate our current consumer, yet still attract new consumers, broadening our niche. The new packages deliver our marketing message clearly and elegantly, along with the emotional image that we wanted to convey to our customers. It's a beautiful, upscale salon design that motivates consumers to purchase.'