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Crayola Squeeze & Squirt

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Crayola Squeeze & Squirt

Tip the scales with this fun package.

Crayola Squeeze & Squirt foaming body soap is a perfect example of Studio One Eleven's value proposition as a turnkey source of packaging innovation. In this case, a PET package structure blown from a custom designed preform, wrapped in Studio-developed brand graphics, all sourced, warehoused, and delivered in record time. 

With little time to make their launch window, Shroeder & Tremayne (our customer, Crayola's personal care licensee) asked Studio One Eleven to submit design concepts for a new foaming soap product for kids. The Studio probed for more detail: Who is the end user? How do we define play value for this target? What can we do to make bathtime a more enjoyable experience for parent and kids alike? 

After working with the Shroeder & Tremayne team to formulate answers and poring over Crayola licensee documents page by page, the Studio generated hundreds of concepts across dozens of themes. The winning design was a personified Crayola, a friendly character-based package structure complete with details such as gloved hands and laced shoes. To extend the Crayola metaphor even further, the Studio specified a new 'squeeze foamer' closure that allows kids to squeeze the character (known as 'Tip') to actuate the dispenser allowing them to 'draw' with the resulting foam. To complete the package, the Studio generated a shrink-compensated, multi-SKU branding system complete with custom logotype and branding graphics.

The result is a package that's fun to look at, fun to use, and a big hit with both parents and kids.