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Alagio Professional

Meeting display and shelf goals. 

Alagio Hair Care wanted to fill a gap in professional hair care products: an offering with a unique capacity and high visibility on shelf. With the help of Studio One Eleven, an integrated packaging solution was created to answer this target goal and also appease retailers' display and shelf restrictions. 

The end result was an elegantly tapered bottle that appears to stand on its own pedestal. Starting as a round at its neck, four subtle radii taper down the length of the 11 oz structure, becoming more defined as they 'intersect' with a flared base. The rounded top helps ensure accurate product fill and line speed, and the tapering creates an identifiable and ownable package form. The new product line was also extended to include a 2 oz serum bottle. 

Attentive supervision to screen-printed graphics and a controlled color strategy for bottle and closure matching complete this 18-SKU product offering.