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Our Certified Methodology

Studio One Eleven’s design process is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our process delivers great outcomes.

We manage the innovation process from opportunity analysis to commercial implementation. Our innovation process is comprised of five key phases, and each phase is focused on moving an optimized design solution to commercialization. Adhering to a rigorously defined process doesn’t limit our creativity or extend development timelines. To the contrary, our process allows us to take hundreds of products to market every year precisely because we’re efficient. The results are compelling to consumers and for your business.

Example Design Process


Phase 0: Analysis

We don't start designing until we have the best foundation. We comb through industry research, conduct user ethnographies, assess the competition, and evaluate the shelf and retail space. With the help of our Brand Brief Primer, we work with you to analyze your brand, your category, and your competition to set success criteria. All of this is hard work, so many agencies skip this. We know a strong foundation will yield the best outcomes.

Phase 1: Ideation

Armed with a clear understanding of our goals for the engagement, now it’s time for pen to hit paper. In a flurry of brainstorms, doodles, and sketches, our design team attacks the problem from every angle. We quickly explore different options, focused on getting many ideas on paper. We seek out designers that know how to communicate with the pen (analog or digital) before going to the mouse, giving us the greatest freedom during the first phase of creative.

Phase 2: Evaluation

Using the success criteria defined in Phase 0 Analysis, we narrow the range of solutions to the ones that meet all the hard criteria and also resonate most strongly with our client, their customers, and their consumers. Our process is not one-way. The Evaluation phase sometimes prompts new ideas and passions, so we will iterate between Ideation and Evaluation until we have a winner.

Phase 3: Refinement 

With a chosen solution to focus on, we work through the technical details to optimize that solution for manufacturing realities. Our designers, engineers, and manufacturing partners work together to ensure that the new package is optimized for the specific material, process, and machine platform chosen. With thousands of products under our belt and seasoned engineers, we know how to transition smoothly from 'art' to 'part.' 

Phase 4: Fulfillment 

We manage all the activities associated with the custom package fulfillment and its rollout. After we design and engineer the package, we source it, make it, check it, supply it, warehouse it, and deliver it to our customer. Studio One Eleven integrates seamlessly with all the expertise and muscle of Berlin Packaging.