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Wet & Forget

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Wet & Forget

A new way to spray.

Wet & Forget partnered with Berlin Packaging to create a custom 64 oz HDPE package for this once-a-week, no-scrub shower spray.

The package was designed to accommodate a category-first remote trigger sprayer that delivers more product than other cleaners, hits high spots without difficult lifting, and even sprays upside down. With no off-the-shelf solution available, Studio One Eleven designed a two-handled bottle that enables consumers to pick up the bottle with one hand and spray with the other while also allowing for easy ergonomic replacement of the sprayer after use.

The 64 oz economy size provides three months of cleaning power in one bottle, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to daily shower cleaners requiring eight 32 oz bottles for the same time period. The label is synthetic and laminated to withstand the wet shower environment. The unique bottle shape and size also draw the eye amid a sea of smaller packages, helping to drive sales.

The National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) and the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) have already recognized this award-winning package.