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Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way

Simplified supply strategy with cohesive look. 

Hunters Specialties wanted to update and strengthen their entire line of signature scent-masking products for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The Scent-A-Way restage included a line of reformulated products, a consolidation of product sizes, and a brand identity redesign. Previous packaging was primarily utilizing stock PVC rounds and trigger sprayers that had been designed one by one, with each product projecting its own look that resulted in a disjointed overall shelf-presence.

This comprehensive packaging update involved custom design from both branding and structural standpoints for the entire seven SKU, multi-size, multi-use line of products. The new look has an eye-catching, masculine impact with a bright yellow color teamed with deep blue secondary accents to maintain brand equity across the entire product line. The overall look is now cohesive and places emphasis on heritage, tradition, function, and highly technical efficacy. New graphics improved the presentation of Hunters Specialties’ premium medallion, and the reformulation is identified with the bold “Max” lettering. Functionality of the trigger sprayer on the core product was improved and can now be used entirely upside-down when in the field.  

The result is a complete distillation of the Scent-A-Way brand into a shoppable family of products. Enjoying a significantly-strengthened shelf presence, the brand is now taking share from competitors in the outdoor big-box retail arena.