Goo Gone Sprays and Gels

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Broadening Appeal with Consumer-Focused Packaging


For many years Goo Gone was seen as a "task use" product by professionals. The Goo Gone team wanted to expand the product appeal to everyday users and home owners by making their packaging friendlier and more approachable, while still maintaining the emphasis on their superior formula, unmatched performance, and brand trustworthiness.

Studio One Eleven was tasked with developing packaging that was structurally sound and user-friendly and designing graphics that highlighted each product’s specific function, while maintaining a unified look.   

The result, a line of sleek HDPE trigger bottles with ergonomic hand-feel and a more graphics-friendly presentation. The Goo Gone packaging conveys a portfolio of products that effortlessly cleans up stains and sticky messes and pledges to return any surface to its original condition. The new packaging is not only visually appealing, but also provides a seamless user experience to deliver on the brand's promise.