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Celeste Industries Flight Luxe

Scented-resin collar lets airline soap system do double duty.

A few years ago, Celeste Industries came up with a new product concept that it knew would fly with the airline industry. The company envisioned combining airline lavatory soap and air freshener in a single unit, eliminating the extra steps involved in installing and replenishing separate sink-mounted soap bottles and wall mounted air freshener discs. Shortly after the first-generation product was launched, Celeste worked to develop the next generation packaging to improve performance and aesthetics. 

A new design by Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven solved the problem with a change in the fragrance delivery system. Designers replaced an industrial-looking fragrance band that was difficult to apply, leaked onto users' fingers, and consumed nearly half of the available label space with a custom scented resin collar that fits seamlessly over the tapered shoulder of the company’s 8 oz PVC Flight Luxe soap bottle.  

Fragrance is released from the underside as well as the face of the collar component through a series of perforations engineered to promote maximum air flow. The collar easily drops on to the shoulder before capping. Label real estate has doubled to enable upgraded branding, and soap and air freshener can now be replenished simultaneously.  

The new package design also: 

  • Reduced bottle weight by more than 10% to comply with California regulations 
  • Updated the look of the Flight Luxe line without requiring existing customers to replace the support bases already installed on their lavatory sinks 
  • Replaced disparate bottle structures with a uniform look across the line's scented and unscented SKUs  
  • Supports both threaded and snap bases to fit the various counter mounting styles used by different airlines 

The new package has been adopted by multiple airlines.