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Walgreens Ology

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Walgreens Ology

Packaging a 'back to basics' brand.

Studio One Eleven's packaging for the Walgreens Ology series – the first national, affordable line of household cleaners, baby care, and personal care products formulated to be free of harmful chemicals – conveys the brand's eco-conscious positioning in everything from shape and color to chemical composition.

Our bottles are fabricated from Envision Plastics' EcoPrime, a 100% post-consumer resin providing sustainability benefits that mesh with Ology's do-no-harm mission. The bottles retain the natural kraft-paper-like coloring of the EcoPrime resin, a nod to product purity that avoids chemicals used to add color. Organic, free-flowing shapes with off-center necks and handles reinforce the natural image and instantly distinguish the laundry and cleaning products from the industrial-looking packages typical of those categories. These visual cues are supported by near-all-text labels that appear to be hand-lettered, tying in with the back-to-basics theme. 

Ology is a part of Walgreens' effort to improve traffic and excitement in its front-of-store locations. We're delighted to have played a part in this brand's success.