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Mission Athletecare

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Mission Athletecare

Performance packaging for performance athletes. 

Mission Athletecare's COURT GRIP is a proprietary, NBA-endorsed shoe treatment designed to improve traction on basketball courts and other indoor court surfaces. No stock package would allow athletes or trainers to quickly apply the formula to the soles of their shoes with one hand while standing or sitting. Studio One Eleven performed extensive design work and engineering to yield an ergonomic solution with a custom applicator positioned at an extreme 45-degree angle, plus a contoured, custom-molded bottle with strategically placed finger grips to provide a firm hold even with sweaty hands.

Innovations include a custom applicator with a special cloth bonded to the applicator sponge for durability under heavy use, an internal valve system to dispense the proper amount of formula when depressed against the shoe sole without squeezing, and modifications to the blow molding to accommodate the unusual 45-degree angle of the bottle opening required for optimal product application.

As a completely new product category with no precedents to follow or adapt, this package features an all-new design that included input from athletes such as product co-developer NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade. The structure of the custom applicator, the applicator angle, the one-size-fits-all-hands contours of the custom-molded HDPE bottle, the texture and placement of the finger grips, and even the accentuated foot to increase stability for quick in-game use are all fresh design features that underwent extensive testing to deliver an ergonomically-optimized solution for a product that must be quickly applied in an unusual body posture.

The COURT GRIP product and a sister product, POWER GRIP, maintain an aesthetic with detailed embossed line work evoking the contour of elite athlete's body. A metallic silver finish and high-gloss black closure create a striking contrast on the shelf. Bold branding of the Mission products translates well from advertisements to NBA scoring tables.

The package is made of HDPE, a recycle-friendly resin. Optimized pack-out also helped minimize the impact of freight cost and maximize the number of units per truckload.