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Log 6ix Cleaner Home

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Log 6ix Cleaner Home

Cleaner Home. Healthier Family. Better Living. Great Packaging.

The consumer products company Bientina presented a unique opportunity—and challenge—to Studio One Eleven: Create a branding architecture so versatile it could be applied to multiple retail categories across potentially dozens of products.

Fulfilling the promise of Log 6ix, the name of the initiative, required an altogether different level of innovation: a package solution that could span hand sanitizers, pet products, food washes, cleaners, odor eliminators and more, while also connoting purity, effectiveness, and environmental responsibility.

After working with the client to generate a series of possible brand names that led to ‘Log6ix’, the Studio designed a brand identity system and communication architecture that was extendable into each of the spaces Bientina was considering. In addition, the Studio specified a family of PET bottles in either white or clear depending on product display needs, all of which were capable of accepting a variety of pump, trigger sprayer, and disc-top dispenser closures. A common, sleek silhouette defines the brand character across all product categories.

The final packaging for Log 6ix successfully brings to life the brand's overall theme, 'Cleaner Home. Healthier Family. Better Living.'