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Lemi Shine Dish Rinse

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Lemi Shine Rinse


Package refresh for dishwasher rinse sparkles – so do revenues.

Good things can happen when a package goes from stodgy to star – and that's what transpired when Envirocon Technologies switched its Lemi Shine Rinse dishwasher detergent additive from a stock 8 oz PET cosmo oval to an eye-popping custom bottle with a full-body shrink label.

While the product itself garnered rave reviews for its ability to make dishware sparkle by removing hard water minerals from the final rinse cycle, the dull-as-dishwater package made it difficult to compete against big-name brands. The company turned to Studio One Eleven to provide a new look that would shine on the shelf.

What emerged was a custom HDPE bottle that breaks the mold in the category and draws the eye almost immediately. Features include:

  • A graceful tapered oval silhouette with a broad shoulder, a narrow base, and a fits-in-the-hand waist for easy ergonomic handling.
  • A vivid full-body shrink sleeve running from base to the closure, perforated at the neck for easy opening at home.
  • Direct-squeeze dispensing that eliminates messy pouring via a stock snap-top closure with a silicone valve that prevents leakage when the bottle is turned upside-down.

The packaging refresh quickly started to increase Lemi Shine's revenues.