Robert Rothschild Finishing Sauces

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Robert Rothschild Finishing Sauces

Retaining brand continuity while attracting a new audience.


Robert Rothschild Farms takes pride in the company’s commitment to working the land to develop natural and quality flavors from scratch, using the same time-honored techniques as when it was founded more than 30 years ago. The company set out to refresh the presentation of its dips and sauces to underscore the specialness of the ingredients and to expand the product’s appeal.

The packaging design needed to resonate with a new, younger demographic and individuals that prioritize maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while not alienating the brand’s existing consumers. To achieve this goal, Studio One Eleven applied the distinct hexagonal shape of the outgoing jar to the new design. A small, repeating hexagon embossment houses a Rothschild “R” on each of the six sides. 

A family of three packages was developed, and each item was carefully tailored to enhance functionality and impact. The 10oz sauce bottle and 32oz club sauce bottle each utilize a 38mm closure, which is ideal for pouring, while a wider, 70mm deep skirt closure was selected for the dip jar. All three pieces utilize flint glass and lug closures.

The label panel was expanded and the new space allowed for messaging around the company’s farm-based heritage and to elaborate on the small batch and natural processes that set it apart from competitors.

The redesign has resonated well with consumers, particularly with the larger club sauce bottle, which has seen sales increase threefold with the new design.