Olivio Premium Spray Butter

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Olivio Premium Spray Butter


This full-shrink tightly hugs feminine curves.

Olivio Premium Foods wanted to revive their packaging. They partnered with Studio One Eleven to replace an industrial-looking package with harsh corners that didn’t consider ergonomics for the predominantly female hand. 

In an effort to better compete against rival products, a new bottle was designed to retain category familiarity, but also reinforce the core nature of the product by tying its look to the typically sleek, slender appearance of imported olive oil bottles.

The result is a striking white 8 oz custom bottle with a 24-410 neck finish, a fine mist sprayer, and custom red or brown over-cap. The bottle maintains the original footprint but now features soft, rounded angles with an elegant, elongated neck for a highly improved grip. The premium look is enhanced by the bottle’s ability to accommodate a custom heat shrink sleeve. The extended neck and rounded surface area serves as a background for attention-grabbing graphics carrying product usage suggestions in a script font. The full sleeve allows for marketing messages that span both sides of the bottle, from top to bottom.

This award-winning package has been enthusiastically received in the marketplace.