Good & Delish Nuts and Seeds

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Walgreens Good & Delish Nuts

Making snacking easy with a custom Flip & Fill cap. 

Having launched successful programs for their private-label brands Nice and Ology, Walgreens has been taking the private-label arena by storm. Next on their list: their Good & Delish-branded line of private-label snacks. In order to deliver a premium experience in keeping with the superior quality of their product, Walgreens needed a truly unique package, so they engaged Studio One Eleven for help.

The Studio led the charge by reviewing trend data for the snack category. They found that typical nuts and seeds retail packages (mostly pouches and form-fill-seal bags) are used in multi-session applications, but do little to facilitate this. Further, the Studio noted that many snacks are placed near checkout lines and on end-caps to capture 'on-the-go' impulse purchases, making it clear that every interaction during the opening, dosing, and reclosing an 8-10 serving package represented an opportunity to improve the entire usage experience. These insights led the team to focus on making a new package that is more conducive to snacking anywhere – not just in the kitchen or living room, but in the car as well.

Working closely with Walgreens and their contract manufacturers, the Studio developed two sizes of the new 'Flip & Fill' package – a 9 oz and a 4 oz – for use across Walgreens' wide-variety of nuts and seeds. Both sizes share a common diameter, which was derived from that of the ubiquitous 355 ml beverage can. This ensured that the new package would fit perfectly in the cup holder of virtually any car, delivering on the promise of on-the-go convenience.

The new package's closure is also unique, as it not only allows for easy opening and closing, but it also serves as what the design team affectionately termed a 'pecking cup'. Consumers twist the top off to open, then pour a serving of product into the cup so that they can snack away. Studio One Eleven team even added a subtle stacking ring on the top of the closure to allow for stable stacked merchandising presentations.

Bringing the whole package under the Delish brand umbrella is a full-shrink sleeve with a clear window. The sleeve allows Walgreens to showcase the product while masking the changing fill levels created by various products' settling rates.

The result of all of this research, design creativity, and engineering? Walgreens' new snack packaging looks Good & Delish on their retail shelves and is a hit with consumers.