Paisley Farms

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Paisley Farms

Preserves the farm-fresh look with rebranded custom jars.

Studio One Eleven's glass jar brings a farm-fresh, small-batch feel to Paisley Farms' Signature Collection of pickled vegetables and relishes, via both the jar structure and minimal labeling that promotes visibility of the contents of each SKU through the glass. The package – suggesting a product you might buy at the local farmers market – is helping to expand distribution from club stores to grocery stores.

The slightly tapered jar, gentle shoulder, base detail, and deep-skirted stock 82 mm lug closure conjure up associations with home canning. The white silk-screened Paisley Farms brandmark on the face of the bottle, including a farm scene graphic and cursive J.W. Paisley signature, as well as white positioning text on the back of the jar communicate key information without obscuring the jar contents.

A high-gloss pressure-sensitive label fits unobtrusively into a debossed label panel near the base, leaving the contents of each jar clearly visible through the top two-thirds of the glass. The deep skirt of the closure offers additional message space that carries usage suggestions for each item (e.g., 'Try with Grilled Meats * Fish * Pasta Salad'), while the top of the cap is lithographed with the company logo to help build the brand identity.