Mel-O Honey Bear

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Mel-O Honey Bear

New package bears out great result.

As the originator of the 'honey bear' package, Melford Olsen Honey had watched over the years as the entire honey industry adopted the bear as a ubiquitous icon.

Studio One Eleven accepted the challenge of updating Mel-O's packaging after compiling industry-wide analysis and consumer data validating the importance of the 'bear shape' as a prerequisite for consumer trial, but supporting the need for functional improvements in opening, dispensing, and re-closing.

The Studio's creation, the world's first inverted control-valve bear package, went on to earn a US design patent and exceed Melford Olsen's branding and operational requirements. 

Berlin did a remarkable job of meeting our needs on a package that has very little space to tell the story.
— CEO of Mel-O Honey

Sales volume shows the impact of the new package. Volume jumped 28% in the first year after relaunch and another 149% the following year.