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IHOP at Home

Transforming IHOP's syrup dispensers for new home syrup line.

When IHOP decided to launch its first-ever line of home syrups, it was both blessed and burdened with tradition. Its clean-looking glass syrup dispensers are an integral part of the restaurant experience, so the new package had to evoke the in-restaurant version. At the same time, the bottle needed to be retail- and home pantry-friendly, requiring a change from the tapered round form factor, free-floating handle, open-spout cap, and even the glass that showcases IHOP's rainbow of syrup colors.

Turning to Studio One Eleven, IHOP licensee Sorbee International delivered a five-SKU lineup of IHOP at Home Syrups that met those challenges while also providing a smooth and plug-free pour.

The new 12 oz and 24 oz custom packages:

  • Use a heavy-gauge polypropylene that allows IHOP’s signature strawberry- and blueberry-flavored syrups to be filled at the required 180-degree temperature.
  • Feature an unusual near-right-angled handle reminiscent of the restaurant dispenser, creating molding challenges that require special machinery for manufacture.
  • Utilize an off-the-shelf blue flip-top closure with a specially designed teardrop orifice that eliminates plugging, a butterfly hinge that stays open when pouring, a cut-off spout that controls the flow rate and helps prevent drips, and one-piece construction that opens and closes with one hand.
  • Have dramatic large-panel label with strong IHOP at Home branding that matches the blue closure.

The new syrups have met with sweet success with distribution in major retail chains.