Honey Acres

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Honey Acres Honey

A sweet new honey package.

During a Friday afternoon conversation with Berlin Packaging's team, the Honey Acres' CEO offered that he'd always wanted to see a honey package that leveraged the hexagonal shape of a honeycomb… in fact, he had even gone so far as to mock one up in his wood shop, complete with a chunk of dowel rod to simulate a finish stub. With this as inspiration, the Studio team swung into action. 

While the concept presented a number of manufacturing and logistical challenges, we saw a way to engineer a workable solution for the client for his next board meeting. One catch – the meeting was in Japan, and the client would be boarding a plane at 9 AM the next morning, a Saturday. 

In a marathon overnight session of clay, foam, and CAD models, the Studio team generated a manufacturable, label-able, line-friendly hexagonal inverted package. The client boarded the plane with design control drawings and photo realistic renderings of the new package. 

Upon the CEO's return from Japan, Berlin had qualified supplier options and had preliminary costing available for his review.