Fischer & Wieser Specialty Sauce

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Fischer & Wieser Specialty Sauce

Gourmet Reinvented.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, Fischer & Wieser produces a versatile line of gourmet products that are easy to use, yet approachable by the everyday cook. With their 40th anniversary approaching, Fischer & Wieser charged Studio One Eleven with renewing their flagship line of specialty foods. 

The Studio began the process with a deep-dive analysis of the competitive landscape, a client brand audit, and an exploration of premium packaging in related categories. Our research revealed a variety of premium cues prevalent in both the gourmet food, wine, and spirits categories. Understanding these categories' vernaculars sparked inspiration for repositioning Fischer & Wieser as a premium gourmet offering.

Recognizing the need for an exclusive brand mark, the Studio commissioned renowned type designer and calligrapher Horst Mickler. Mickler crafted a hand-lettered script with flourished details. The time and effort that went into crafting the brand mark is characteristic of the care that goes into producing such premium gourmet products.

The end result is a beautiful glass bottle with a fluted shoulder and scripted brand embossment. The two-toned label architecture features an antique marble texture, a watermark, and a warm, inviting color pallet that accents the sophisticated flavor offering. The shrink band boasts a recurring decorative watermark with an iconic black band. 

Fischer & Wieser debuted their new refined look with the 'Gourmet Reinvented' campaign at the Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco. The new look was an immediate success with customer, consumers, and industry professionals.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive!
Everyone loved the glass, the packaging, the labels – it was a huge success.
— Marketing Director of Fischer & Wieser