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Artista Gourmet Syrups & Sauces

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Artista Gourmet Syrups & Sauces

For a better syrup, here's a better bottle.

Artista's founders had considered a move from their stock glass package for years, but had been dissatisfied with existing plastic packaging options for their gourmet flavoring syrups. The maze of economic and technical limitations associated with custom PET bottles put this option out of reach, and stock products simply wouldn't live up to Artista's premium positioning. Conspicuously merchandised in display racks provided by Artista, the line consisted of 56 distinct syrup flavors and four sauces.

Artista turned to Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven to rethink packaging options. The Studio had exceptionally broad creative latitude with the exception that the new package accommodate the existing label designed by Artista's in-house creative team. Using legacy visual elements as a point of departure, the Studio's creative team made liberal use of the distinctive 'aroma swirl' vignetting, elevating what was formerly a subtle contextual element into a new equity device. Aroma swirls are captured in the bottle shoulder under architecturally-inspired arches that speak to the old-world artisanal essence the Artista brand is known for. The crowning focal detail was the framing of Artista's serif 'A' in a wax signet-style embossment.

In the end, the new PET package cost less than the stock glass bottle it replaced and, just as importantly, was an operationally invisible replacement: it ran down the same filling line, accepted the same label stock, fit in the same shippers, and slotted into Artista's branded display racks.

The beautiful new package reduced Artista’s costs, improved their productivity, and increased their sales – a perfect embodiment of the Studio’s mission.

Premium syrups are like premium spirits. It’s important that our customers be able to show off these products, much like a high-end bar shows off the best it has to offer. Berlin and Studio One Eleven helped us realize this vision through Innovative package design and turn-key manufacturing.
— Founder of Artista Gourmet