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Brand Strategy

Precise positioning, smart strategy, and bedrock-solid identities.

Building brands is what we do every day. 

Clients seek our help in defining a strategy that underpins their brands.

Branding is the center of our universe at Studio One Eleven. Exciting as technical knowledge may be, consumers don’t make purchasing decisions based upon nominal wall thicknesses or stretch ratios. Consumers buy experiences.

Knowing this, we’ve made a conscious choice to seek out and embrace talent from the design and branding agency worlds. We fill our bench with enthusiastic folks who are fluent in the language of marketing – creatives who see packaging as a strategic branding tool rather than just a way to get product from factory to consumer. Then we teach them about stretch ratios!

Whether you are extending, updating or repositioning an existing brand, or building a new brand scratch, our team has the experience and the sensitivity to make your brand resonate.

  • Brand positioning
  • Segmentation strategy
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand standards and guidelines

Ask us about our Brand Primer to get a discussion going.