Torani Smoothie Mix

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Torani Smoothie Mix

Serving up a smooth pour.

Torani Smoothie Mix is widely used for beverage service, and – thanks to the clever custom design of the bottle closure – bartenders can serve drinks faster and restaurants and bars can better protect patrons from spoiled or contaminated products.

Unlike the chugging-pour typical round orifice dispensing caps deliver, which is amplified by viscous mixtures like smoothies, the patented Torani closure has a built-in venting feature that enables a smooth pour. To achieve this, Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven conducted iterative rapid-prototyping to evaluate a range of concepts designed for glug-free dispensing and easy one-handed use.

The resulting closure design guides the user’s thumb into the dispensing position, meaning bartenders don’t have to look at cap position when removing the bottle from the speed well. At the end of a restaurant shift, bottles must be covered to prevent spoilage and contamination. While most products require cling wrap, an ineffective solution, the Torani closure provides a thorough seal, thus ensuring safety.

The attractive embossment on the actuator helps build brand equity for the product. With its sleek form and superior design, the Torani Smoothie Mix closure is the preferred dispensing cap in its category.