Kill Cliff Sports Drinks

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Kill Cliff Sports Drinks

Drinks for warriors.


Since 2011 when Kill Cliff was founded, the sports drink manufacturer has been inextricably linked with the CrossFit crowd. Founded by an ex-Navy SEAL, Kill Cliff turned to Studio One Eleven to develop branding that crosses the line from hardcore fitness to every-day-exerciser. In a sea of functional drinks, Kill Cliff needed their three-drink lineup – Ignite, Endure and Recover - to appeal to consumers from all walks of life.

The Ignite and Recover lines come in a 12 oz sleeved can and the Endurance product is in a 20 oz hot fill PET bottle. With vibrant hues, bold fonts, unique icons, realistic photos displaying each flavor profile, and the clear articulation of the support for the Navy Seal Foundation, the package design appeals to fitness enthusiasts of all levels.